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We help businesses work on their business and not in their business. Our services cover business savings and business solutions that help you increase cash flow and drive traffic.


Some of our current projects are showing businesses what tax incentives program are available as well as expense reductions in many areas. We are helping business drive repeat business and our new big project is our QR technology and coming soon WiFi Analystics



We like to work with restaurants, bars, breweries, golf courses, country clubs, wedding venues and food trucks. If you own commercial property or have a business that relies on repeat business we want to meet you!



We have over 20 years experience in consulting helping business units communicate better, more direct and instantly with their customers at the corporate level. Freestyle Consulting began 3 years ago as we moved to focus on small business. We help businesses increase cash flow through local, state and federal tax incentives. We have learned over the years that errors do happen and businesses can have inefficiencies. We want to help business owners so they dont have to work in their business in every department so they can focus on the more important things they can control. From overpaying for property tax, energy audits, procurement and supply chain services, audit and compliance services, management advisory services, training, automation and marketing. We have experts in WiFi and Networks, Website & SEO, Cost Segregation, Automation tools and Marketing.


143 Marshall Street, Paxton, MA  Tel: 774-214-0244

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